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This machine has been developed to automatically shrink wrap steel and aluminum ends.

Introduction Of Equipment :

The wrapping machines available in several models depending on the number of entry lanes, make rolls  of sanitary  ends  (both  O.T.  and  E.O.E. Rectangular ends)  by shrink  wrapping  them  with  plastic  micro- perforated  film. Plant  engineering is given free of charge to fit the machines into an  required layout.  The strong and wide mechanical construction makes these machines easy to clean and service.

Features including the packaging into plastic film sleeves, the flipped end detection and the related roll side discharge, make these wrapping machines the most attractive and reliable available in the  market for all production factories.

Its intelligent engineering also takes into consideration the need to change over diameters from time to time. Full set of models are available to cover sizes from 52mm to 200mm(width of feeding chute). Different end sizes can be packed at the same time.

Equipment Features :
  • Few tools are required to change over from one diameter to another
  • Easy to maintain and service
  • Multi-lane, multi-size
  • Available in several models
  • Upon request the machine can be customized according to customer specifications
Technical Parameter :

End type

Standard sanitary ends.easy open ends.aerosol bottoms and domes.general line components

End dimensions

Dia52-99mm/dia99-140mm/dia 140-189mm

Roll length

From 500-750mm


4-6 rolls/minute

Electrical requirments

20Kw,380V 50/60 Hz,3-phase.(easily adaptable to other standard)

Air consumption

300-400 L/minute at 6 Bar(average)

Package material

POF,PE, OPF, PET, PVT hot shrinkfilm


Manual feeding system for ends package, which is taken quality checking usage.

Customer Scene: